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HS-CCDV15   _UPDATE COMBO - Child Custody AND Domestic Violence - 12 C.E. Hours - Books
HS-CCDV17   _UPDATE COMBO - Child Custody AND Domestic Violence - 12 C.E. Hours - Books
HS-CCDV16   _UPDATE COMBO - Child Custody AND Domestic Violence - 12 C.E. Hours - Downloadable
HS-18CE   18 C.E. Hour Anniversary Package
HS-18NEW   18 C.E. Hour New Licensee Special
170505-CSC-ALL   24th Annual International Combat Stress Conference (ALL THREE DAYS) - Tri-City Wellness Center, 6250 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009
HS-36CE   36 C.E. Hour Home Study Package - Books And Booklets
HS-38TI   38 Ongoing Treatment Issues - 3 C.E. Hours - Booklet
HS-60CI   60 Core Interventions - 4.5 C.E. Hours - Booklet
HS-AGE   Aging And Long Term Care - 6 C.E. Hours - Booklet
HS-AAT   Animal Assisted Therapy - 6 C.E. Hours - Test Only
CAMFTACD   Audio CD Review Program
HS-BPD   Borderline Personality Disorder - 3 C.E. Hours - Download or Booklet
HS-LAW18CA   California Law And Professional Ethics - 18 C.E. Hours - Books
HS-CC40HR   Child Custody Evaluator 40-Hour Initial Training Package - 40 C.E. Hours - Books
HS-CC17DH   Child Custody Update: Current Theory, Applications, And Research - 8 C.E. Hours - Book
HS-CC15JG   Child Custody Update: Interviewing, Assessment, and Testimony - 8 C.E. Hours - Book (Chps. 1-7, 10)
HS-CCDTA   Child Custody Update: Parenting Plan And Child Custody Evaluations - 8 C.E. Hours - Book
HS-CC16JG   Child Custody Update: Special Circumstances - 8 C.E. Hours - Test Only (Chps. 8-9, 11-15)
HS-CS   Clinical Supervision - 6 C.E. Hours - Book
CACVEKIT   Clinical Vignette Exam Kit
CAMFTCVEBK   Clinical Vignette Exam Practice Tests Books
CAMFTCVECD   Clinical Vignette Exam Practice Tests CD-ROM
CAMFTPACK   Complete Self-Study Package for both the Standard Written Exam and the Written Clinical Vignette Exam
HS-CTPG   Complete Treatment Planning Guide - 4.5 C.E. Hours - Booklet
A-CONSULT   Consultation
A-CEA   Continuing Education Accreditation
A-CE-BRN   Continuing Education Accreditation For Nurses
A-CE-PSY   Continuing Education Accreditation For Psychologists
A-CE-BIZPLAN   Continuing Education Accreditation, Marketing, And Business Plan Development
A-PLA   Continuing Education Course INCLUSIVE of Speaker Stipend
HS-DOD   Detection Of Deception - 12 C.E. Hours - Book
HS-DV12HR   Domestic Violence 12-Hour Advanced Training Package - 12 C.E. Hours - Books
HS-DV15MH   Domestic Violence Update: Assessing And Treating Battered Women, Batterers, And Their Children - 4 C.E. Hours - Book
HS-DVBAP   Domestic Violence Update: Intimate Partner Violence, Parenting, And Family Functioning - 4 C.E. Hours - Book
CADSM5   DSM-5 Update DVD
HS-DSM5RM   DSM-5: What's New, What's Not - 3 C.E. Hours - Online or DVD
HS-ETT   E-Health, Telehealth, And Telemedicine - 6 C.E. Hours - Downloadable Post-Test Only
HS-ETD   Effective Treatment Of Depression - 3 C.E. Hours - Booklet
HS-CAMHL   Essentials of California Mental Health Law - 6 C.E. Hours - Book
ASAP   Expedited Processing
FASTSHIP   Expedited Shipping
HS-CCFAP   Fatherhood And Parenting - 8 C.E. Hours - HOME STUDY COURSE - Book
HS-FEOJ   Forensic Evaluation Of Juveniles - 14 C.E. Hours - Book
HS-36HRFP   Forensic Psychology - 36 C.E. Hours - Book
HS-HBC   Haunted by Combat: Understanding PTSD in War Veterans - 9 C.E. Hours - Book
HS-HELP   Help For The Helper - 6 C.E. Hours - Book
HS-HFT   How To Fail As A Therapist - 6 C.E. Hours - Book
HS-ICCT   Individual, Couple, And Child Therapy - 4.5 C.E. Hours - Booklet
HS-IS   Interpersonal Skills - 3 C.E. Hour - Booklet
CAMFTKC   Knowledge Cards
HS-LAWRM   Law And Ethics: Risk Management - 6 C.E. Hours - Book plus CD with 50+ Forms
CACODE   New Passwords for 2015
HS-PMD   Postpartum Mood Disorders - 6 C.E. Hours - Book
CERT   Replacement Certificate
HS-SBV   Sexual Boundary Violations: Therapeutic, Supervisory, And Academic Contexts - 6 C.E. Hours - Book
CASWEKIT   Standard Written Exam Kit
CAMFTSWEBK   Standard Written Exam Practice Tests Book
CAMFTSWECD   Standard Written Exam Practice Tests CD-ROM
CAMFTSM   Strategies Manual
HS-TBR   The Body Remembers - 6 C.E. Hours - Book
HS-TBRC   The Body Remembers CASEBOOK - 6 C.E. Hours - Book
HS-LAWDSMBPD   Three Course Combo - Law And Ethics, DSM-5 Update, Borderline Personality Disorder - 12 C.E. Hours - Book, DVD, Booklet
HS-27TRA   Trauma Course Package - 27 C.E. Hours - Books
HS-TSA   Treatment Of Substance Abuse - 6 C.E. Hours - Booklet
HS-ICCT-IS   Two Course Package - 7.5 C.E. Hours - Booklet
CAMFTW1CD   Workshop 1 Audio CD
MRK-COFFEE   x-Coffee Host
MRK-TABLE   x-Exhibitor Table
MRK-LUNCH   x-Lunch Sponsor
MRK-TOT   x-Take-One Table
MRK-LINK   x-Website Link

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