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Kindle Edition Available*: If you would prefer the Kindle Edition of this book, just order the course from us using the coupon code indicated and we'll deduct the book charge from the cost of the course and simply email the corresponding course post-test to you. And, if none of the other items in your order need to be shipped, we'll remove the $10 flat-fee shipping charge when we process your order so you ultimately end-up saving $30-$50. However, you will still need to separately order the Kindle Edition of the book from Amazon using the link below.

A Kindle Edition of this book is available from Amazon for viewing on your smartphone (e.g., iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone), computer (e.g., Mac, Windows) and table (e.g., iPad, Android Tablet, Windows 8).
You don't need to own a Kindle device to enjoy Kindle books. Simply download one of Amazon's Kindle apps to start reading Kindle books on all your devices. The Kindle app is available for every major smartphone, tablet, and computer. That means with the free Kindle reading apps, you can buy a Kindle book once, and read it on any device with the Kindle app installed. And of course, you can also read that same Kindle book on a Kindle device if you own one.
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Child Custody Update: Consulting, Testifying, Ethics - 8 C.E. Hours - Book or Kindle
Price: $399.00

Domestic Violence Update: Intimate Partner Violence, Parenting, And Family Functioning - 4 C.E. Hours - Book
Price: $299.00

Fatherhood And Parenting - 8 C.E. Hours - HOME STUDY COURSE - Book
Price: $399.00