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Returns And Cancellations

How do I switch course dates or withdraw from a live course?

• If you discover you are unable to attend the course, forget to show-up for a course, or arrive too late to receive course credit, we’ll transfer your tuition to another live or home-study course. Just call or e-mail us to re-register.
• For course withdrawals, your refund request must be received at least 15 days prior to the original course date for a refund less a withdrawal fee of $35 per person for each one-day course. If you initially made changes 14 or fewer days before the original course date you registered for, you will receive credit towards another course only. Refunds are issued within 10 business days.

How do I return a home study course?

• Home study courses may not be returned once your order has been placed, but any defective materials (e.g., books, videos, CDs, DVDs) will be exchanged at no charge. Please call or email us if it becomes necessary to exchange or return an item.

What happens if Psycho-Legal Associates, Inc. cancels a course?

If we must cancel a live course, you will be entitled to a full refund of the tuition you paid for the course. Alternatively, you may switch to another live course or substitute a home-study course. Additionally, we may offer you a free course as well to off-set any inconvenience you incurred because of the cancellation. We reserved the right to substitute another qualified instructor in order to avoid canceling a course.